Melbourne Meditation Centre
For public meditation courses and workshops in the Melbourne metropolitan area we recommend Matthew Young at the Melbourne Meditation Centre.

Geelong Meditation Centre
For meditation and mindfulness classes in Geelong, we recommend the Melbourne Meditation Centre’s classes in Grovedale.

Calming the Chaos
For meditation in North-East Victoria, we recommend Ed Tyrie at Calming the Chaos.

Perth Meditation Centre
For meditation training in Perth, we recommend Eric Harrison at the Perth Meditation Centre.

Sydney Meditation Centre
For meditation training in Sydney, we recommend Kevin Hume at the Sydney Meditation Centre.

Lifeflow Meditation Centre
For meditation training in Adelaide, we recommend Graham Williams at the Lifeflow Meditation Centre.

As a support for your meditation practice, we recommend the Take 10 program of guided meditations at Headspace.

Total Balance
For career transition and business coaching, we recommend Kate James from Total Balance.

Meran Cassidy
For Rolfing in Melbourne, we recommend Meran Cassidy.

Carolyn’s Wellbeing Solutions
For Bowen Therapy in St Kilda, we recommend Carolyn.

GR Counselling
For counselling and psychotherapy in Melbourne, we recommend Gabriel Rusu.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation
For yoga and meditation in the Siddha Nath tradition, we recommend Dean Das.

Natural Therapy Pages
To locate a natural therapist near you.

Find Yoga
To locate a yoga class near you.