Paul Majewski has provided meditation training, consisting of four workshops and three 5-week courses, for more than 120 council staff since October 2013.

The workshops and courses were very well received and staff who participated in the training have reported feeling more focused, relaxed and calm. Staff have used meditation to cope with stressful periods at work and to improve the quality of their sleep.

Paul’s approach makes meditation practice very easy and accessible, as well as appealing, for everyone involved in the session. Paul’s manner is relaxed and professional and is well-suited to this type of training.

Agnieszka Miller

Wellbeing@Work Officer, City of Whittlesea

I would like to provide feedback on the meditation sessions with Paul:

They are exceptionally good and are delivered in a clear and concise manner that is understandable and easy to benefit from.

They have a strong effect on our wellbeing and consequently our work rate and the quality of our work.

These points were raised by many at the final session today.

Rossa McCann

Validation Specialist, CSL Behring

Being a CEO is always busy and sometimes stressful.

In 2011 I completed a short meditation course with Paul. In a few weeks he provided me with enough knowledge and a variety of techniques to slow my mind and allow me to incorporate meditation in my daily life.

Paul is an experienced teacher who can teach complex information in a way that is easily accessible and not intimidating.

His style is calm and professional – just what i needed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul’s courses or his corporate work to my colleagues and friends.

Kim Koop

CEO, VicServ